What is Sexual Violence




“Sexual Violence is the only crime where the victim is blamed” -Linda Fairstein, Sex Crimes Prosecutor.

Sexual Violence refers to any sexual activity  where consent is not obtained or freely given. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some sort of sexual assault throughout their lifetimes.  Men and women have been victims to sexual assault. Men are typically the perpetrators according to research. However, women can be perpetrators as well. Perpetrators are usually known to the victim and can be a friend, intimate partner, co worker, neighbor, or a family member of the victim. Sexual Violence also includes acts that do not involve sexual contact – for example: sexual harassment, threats, and people.

On a National survey, 7.3% of high school students reported having been forced to have sex.

An estimated 20%-25% of college women in the United States were victims of attempted or completed rape in their college career.

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How does sexual violence affect an individual

Who is at risk for perpetrating?

Understanding Sexual Violence

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Risk and Protective Factors

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