SD Rape Kits: Updated legislative bill

South Dakota passed a bill during the 2016 legislative session that provides timelines for submission and process of sexual assault kits.  Click below for direct links to the HB 1132.

HB 1132 Recordings, Changes, etc..

PDF HB 1132


The following bullet points are the  highlighted timelines.

  • Any health care facility administrating a sexual assault kit that has obtained written consent  to release the kit evidence shall notify the investigating law enforcement agency, if known, or the law enforcement agency with local jurisdiction, within 24 hours after obtaining consent.
  • Any health care facility that has not obtained consent to release any sexual assault kit evidence shall inform the professional… Any evidence not released to law enforcement shall be stored for a minimum of one year before it is destroyed.
  • A law enforcement agency that receives notice that a sexual assault kit evidence has been released shall take possession of the evidence from the health care facility within 14 days of receiving notice.
  • The agency that takes possession of evidence shall follow standard protocol
  • Any sexual assault kit evidence that is submitted to Division of Criminal Investigation or another accredited laboratory shall be analyzed within 90 days after all is received by the division of the lab.

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